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Chiropractic Orinda CA Foot Pain

Are you looking for foot pain relief in Orinda CA? Our team at Orinda Chiropractic & Laser Center can help you today!

Chiropractic Treatments to Ease Foot Pain in Orinda CA

Patients who suffer from acute or chronic foot pain in Orinda CA know all too well how easily we take our feet for granted until something goes wrong. With 26 bones, several bands of connective tissue and numerous articulated joints, the feet are complex mechanical systems that must support your weight equally and constantly to give the entire body stability for standing, walking or running.

Pain, stiffness or inflammation in any part of either foot can suddenly render you unable to work, perform simple household chores or enjoy your favorite recreational activities. Fortunately, you do not have to live with the discomfort and loss of function. Our chiropractor at Orinda Chiropractic Center, Dr. Kevin Wong, specializes in injuries and diseases of several parts of the body, including the feet He can help determine the underlying cause of your pain and recommend chiropractic treatments to help you free yourself of it.

A wide range of problems can afflict the feet. One of the more common ailments, plantar fasciitis, occurs when the band of tissue that makes up the primary arch of the foot becomes inflamed due to overuse, congenital or acquired deformities, non-supportive footwear or all of the above. Unequal weight distribution can also lead to metatarsalgia, a painful inflammation of the ball of the foot. Osteoarthritis in the foot's many joints can occur as a natural result of aging, or it may be triggered by a sports injury or personal injury. Your problem might even originate in the spine if a spinal misalignment has thrown you off balance or sciatica is sending pain signals to the foot.

Natural Pain Management Solutions at Our Chiropractic Clinic

By studying your spinal alignment, posture and gait, we can see whether biomechanical issues are causing your discomfort or vice-versa. If your arches are "fallen" or require better support than ordinary shoes can provide, we may fit you for orthotic footwear to relieve plantar fasciitis and other strain-related issues. Our FootLevelers Custom Orthotics make use of cutting-edge digital scanning that shows us exactly how your feet make contact with the ground. This enables us to produce customized orthotics, including Pelvic Spine Stabilizers that support proper vertical alignment of the body, relieving pain not only in the feet but throughout the musculoskeletal system.

If a degenerative joint condition or joint misalignment within the foot is the source of your trouble, we can perform careful, gentle manual adjustments to these joints to improve function and aid in pain management. Additionally, chiropractic treatments can correct misalignments throughout the spinal column that may be shifting your weight distribution and causing or aggravating foot pain. Other supportive therapies such as cold laser therapy are also useful for soothing painful joints, reducing inflammation and boosting the circulation in the feet.

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