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Chiropractic Orinda CA Joint Pain

Are you looking for joint pain relief in Orinda CA? Our team at Orinda Chiropractic & Laser Center can help you today!

joint pain treatment in Orinda CA

Joint pain is one of the most common reasons patients arrange appointments with our Orinda CA chiropractic clinic. Orinda pain sufferers may be contending with pinched nerves, muscle strain, or some other musculoskeletal problem. Here at our Orinda chiropractic clinic, you can find relief via orthotics, spinal adjustments, and laser pain relief through laser therapy. We encourage our patients use our methods for every day wellness to keep feeling good; by following best practices for maintaining wellness, Orinda pain sufferers can enjoy renewed comfort and mobility.

Some joint pain causes are less obvious than others, especially when referred pain is involved. In many cases, impingement of spinal nerve roots may cause pain in the arms or legs. Chronic back pain may stem from faulty arch support in the feet. We diagnose a wide range of conditions at our chiropractic clinic; Orinda chiropractor Dr. Kevin Wong has 17 years of experience in evaluating joint-related symptoms.

Laser Pain Relief and Other Options

Once we have found the underlying problem, we can use a variety of non-surgical methods to correct it, including instrument adjusting, laser pain relief through laser therapy, kinesio taping and orthotics. Chiropractic adjustment can also relieve pressure from nerves so that they function correctly. Our advanced Activator instruments are able to deliver minute adjustments with pinpoint accuracy. If your feet need some extra help supporting the rest of your body without causing pain, we can prescribe and make customized orthotics to keep you standing, walking and enjoying an active, comfortable lifestyle.

If your joint pain involves soft tissue strain or damage, we may be able to treat you using cold laser therapy. Thanks to this technique, many of our Orinda area patients often enjoy speedier healing. Laser pain relief occurs when our low-level beam penetrates the skin to stimulate circulation and cellular repair. In addition to laser pain relief via laser therapy, joint pain sufferers can gain relief through kinesio taping. Our Rock Tape can support strained or fatigued tissues to relieve stress on joints and help injuries heal more efficiently.

We believe in preventing future joint pain by paying attention to wellness. Orinda patients seeking to maintain their ongoing wellness will find that our services can help them maintain their overall wellbeing. Periodic evaluations enable us to detect any small problems that might lead to future joint pain, subluxations or other barriers to wellness. Our patients can also have their orthotics or other natural treatments tweaked to accommodate their evolving needs. A little preventative maintenance can do wonders for your ongoing health; wellness seekers are therefore invited to contact us for more information from our chiropractic clinic. Orinda health and wellness starts here!

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