No Pain in Orinda Does Not Mean You Are Fine!

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On a daily basis, I meet and work with people who have largely believed in a type of thinking that has become quite outdated. As individuals, you can’t be faulted for this old way of thinking because you have been raised with it since childhood. It is a type of thinking that can be very dangerous as it can trick the mind into believing that the body is healthy again when often it is not.

What am I talking about? It is the old notion that once you have experienced pain in some part of your body and that pain goes “down” or “away” you are “fine”. You know what I am talking about because chances are you have been through this scenario once or twice yourself.

Let me explain by way of example. Someone tells me the story of how they sprained their ankle. It really hurt when it happened and it created a lot of swelling, pain and an inability to walk normally or without pain. After going to the “Doctor”, they were given pain medication and anti-inflammatories and told to rest for 3-6 weeks and they should be “fine”. This is very typical advice given to people who have had injuries like this.

The average person is going to take the medication, hobble around for awhile and wait for weeks until the pain goes down or goes down enough to make them think they are finally “fine” again. The problem here is, the person now has bones in the ankle and the foot that are not moving properly and they will create changes in how the joints move and how effectively the muscles can contract.


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