Do You Have Sciatica?

Anyone who has suffered from the pain of sciatica in Orinda CA will testify to its debilitating effects. It's the kind of pain that can come in sharp waves or hang on for extended periods of time as a nagging, "below the surface" irritation that makes normal activity -- even sleeping -- impossible. It's not the kind of pain that can be ignored.

A Symptom, Not an Illness

The key to effectively treating sciatic pain lies in performing a bit of detective work with your medical professional, and an experienced, caring chiropractor is often the one who can unlock the mysteries for you.

Sciatic pain, which usually extends from the lower back through the hip and buttocks, and along the path of the long sciatic nerve in the leg, often "travels" and radiates, making it difficult to identify its root cause. But a chiropractic consultation, sometimes with the help of sophisticated imaging techniques, often leads to a starting point for performing non-invasive adjustments and treatments to relieve the symptoms.

Sciatica is a common affliction for those between the ages of 30 and 50, and often is simply the result of "wear" on certain joints. It can also result from an injury to the spine or can be caused by spinal stenosis or a temporary compression or pinching of the nerve. In addition to pain, you may experience numbness, tingling or a sensation of hot or cold all along the nerve path in the leg. Most patients feel the pain in their left leg.

In addition to looking for the cause of the pain, your chiropractor may recommend some simple exercises, suggest paying more attention to proper posture while sitting, standing and walking, apply heat, or treat the lower back and feet with proven therapies in an effort to mitigate the pain.

Working in Partnership

Forging a continuing relationship with your chiropractor can lead to lasting wellness. Dr. Kevin Wong and our caring associates at Orinda Chiropractic Center are committed to delivering personalized care to all our patients in the Bay area. We utilize the latest information in the field, and develop comprehensive plans, including lifestyle routines to enhance the quality of your life in all areas.

Dr. Kevin is a specialist in the analysis and treatment of problems with the feet, shoulders and bodily extremities. He will work with you to monitor your sciatic pain, be diligent in finding and treating the root cause, and assist you to alter your habits and activities, if necessary, to prevent recurring or chronic pain.

Sometimes, simple changes to diet and exercise patterns may bring about lasting and dramatic relief from sciatica. At other times, regularly scheduled chiropractic adjustments may be scheduled over a period of two to three months. You can be certain, however, that your well-being is our highest priority. If you are currently experiencing pain, why not call us today to schedule an appointment? For new patients, the first consultation is complementary, and you can embark on the path to wellness.


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