Do You Have Shoulder Pain?

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When people in Orinda CA think of chiropractic care, they usually think only of backs and necks. But actually, the director of our Orinda chiropractic clinic, Dr. Kevin Wong, can help patients with a multitude of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders, including those of the shoulder. In fact, Dr. Wong has had advanced training in treating shoulder injuries and has mastered adjustment techniques that address all five shoulder joints. If you are having trouble finding a healthcare provider who can help you overcome stubborn shoulder pain, talk with Dr. Wong.

Orinda Chiropractic Clinic Helps with Shoulder Pain

The shoulder joints are some of the most frequently used in your body because they move every time you move your arms. It also has the widest range of motion of any of the other joints in your body. This combination of frequent motion and wide range of movement possibilities makes it one of the most vulnerable joints in your body.

There are several types of situations that can cause shoulder pain. Some shoulder injuries are the result of a sudden, traumatic event. Others are the result of repetitive stress or non-ergonomic use of the shoulder over a long period of time. Some of the most common shoulder injuries and conditions include rotator cuff injuries, arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, pinched nerves and dislocation. If you notice any of the following symptoms, you should contact our Orinda chiropractic clinic for a diagnosis and start a treatment plan to get your shoulder back into pain-free working order again:

  • Pain or stiffness when you try to move your shoulder
  • Limited range of motion when trying to rotate your shoulder
  • Weakness in the shoulder when trying to lift or push anything
  • The feeling that your shoulder is not stable, or that the joint is about to pop out of place, or has popped out of place

In order to find out the exact cause of your shoulder pain, Dr. Wong will discuss your medical history and daily activities and situations where your shoulder may have been strained and injured. He will also provide a thorough examination to discover all aspects of the injury. If a musculoskeletal misalignment is at work (where the bones and joints are out of place), he can provide variety of gentle, precise chiropractic adjustments to restore correct bone and joint alignment. Since there are five different joints in the shoulder, he will provide the adjustments tailored to correct the ones that are out of order.

After adjusting the shoulder joint or joints back into correct position, he will address any soft tissue injuries. Tendons, muscles and ligaments are often strained and damaged in shoulder injuries. Dr. Wong has several physiotherapy techniques to reduce inflammation and pain naturally, and will train you in therapeutic exercises and stretches designed to rebuild your shoulder strength and range of motion.

Do not let shoulder pain get in your way. If you experience any of the aforementioned symptoms or difficulties, call Orinda Chiropractic Center today: (925) 254-4040.


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